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Bruce Moore gave our March 2021 JUG Meetup presentation on a topic near and dear to all webmasters' hearts -  how to rank better in search results!

Most of us know that quality content is good for SEO.  We also know that it can take quite a while for that content to rank well in search results. So how did Bruce meet his ranking goals in about one month?!


Bruce ran for a local office in 2020 and had to build a website that would rank first quickly without costly search words - instead of a prominent person in the same town with the same name who Google initially ranked for all of page one.

By paying close attention to metadata and SEO, Bruce's page ranked first within about 30 days, and stayed there throughout the election cycle. In his presentation, Bruce Moore shows how to choose a Joomla template and modify it to improve your search ranking quickly.

Google uses metadata to help parse a site, but some Joomla templates don't do a good job of putting adding these metadata tags to your pages and as a result don't rank well quickly. Bruce introduces us on how to evaluate templates for metadata use, and how to modify an existing template to improve metadata use and SEO.

Timestamps of topics:

  • 11:50 - several ways to add schema,org Organization tag code to your Joomla website
  • 17:30 - adding People tag to articles
  • 19:35 - template discussion, followed by override discussion
  • 27:35 - plugin discussion (paid)

Reference tools used:

Paid plugin referenced in Q&A::